Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Week

I tried to show the love to my family the week leading up to Valentines Day.  It started with these little mailboxes I got from the dollar section at Target.  I painted each of our names on them and set up a little love note station.  Every night I would write a little love note to my boys and put it in their boxes with an accompanied treat.  Ben liked checking to see if his flag was up.  We also had fun cutting everything into hearts and making themed treats.  Nothing revolutionary, but it was fun.
We were all spoiled by the grandparents with fun treats and little gifts.  The boys got perfect Valentines shirts from their GG which they rocked on the day. 
Had to balance out all the sweets with a healthy treat. Baby Jamba Juice!
I kept it simple on the day of with small treats for my guys.  Cards for everyone, a heart attack for James with notes from Ben and I, and a candy bouquet for James also left in his car.  We spent the night in with the boys and had a yummy meal of BBQ chicken wings, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies.  For dessert, a red velvet bundt cake from GG.
Ben found and snuck the bag of worms I was going to use.  So he got one lone worm. 
On Saturday I dropped the boys off with my parents for two nights, so that night James and I got to do a little solo celebration.  We ate at California Pizza Kitchen- a bit of a tradition for us (my favorite year was Valentines 2008, the day after finding out we were going to be having our first little boy)!  Then we finished the night with a Nicholas Sparks flick, Safe Haven.  I'll let you in on a little secret about James.  He is a huge chick flick fan.  And we love all of Nicholas Sparks movies.
I love my little trio of boys and am beyond blessed to have them in my life.
Ben's Valentines for his preschool party. 

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