Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A First

Ben took his very first trip with his friends.  Quite the milestone.  I remember trips with my childhood friends.  Those good family friends we would camp with in the summer and cabin with in the winter.  After James had his boys trip all planned out to watch the NCAA tournament, I decided that it was Ben's turn to start these kinda memories.  We invited his two best buddies and one cute sister from our two favorite families and headed up to Tahoe right after school on Friday.  I decided to leave Jackson with my parents so the big kids could play uninterrupted and I could socialize uninterrupted.  I think it was the right choice.  Jacky had a blast playing outside and taking bike rides with his papa, and I got a very relaxing vacation and some one on one time with Ben.
What we did: threw rocks in the lake, went to the beach and actually got in the freezing lake (Ben's buddy Grady), made peeps s'mores, played Head Banz and Cat in the Hat, watched movies, went out for pizza, played at the park, and stayed up late chatting (the moms). 
What I felt: So grateful for good friends, in love with my surroundings, proud that my Ben behaved well for most of the trip (all the kiddos had their meltdown moments, but on the whole they got along great), thrilled for all the firsts for Ben (experiencing new things with his best buddies), relaxed, happy to be spending alone time with Ben. 

These three boys sure are so cute.  I love seeing their relationship develop over the last two years.  They are such close little friends, because as Ben puts it "I know everything about Beau and Grady because we have known each other since Teacher Leslie's class!"  Which in their young lives really is forever.  Looking forward to helping them make many more memories to come.  
A special thank you all the kiddos left for our gracious cabin owners.  

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