Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ben's Art Party: A Few More Details and Vendors

I ordered all of the PDF printables for the party from The Celebration Shoppe.  The PDFs were all emailed to me and I printed them off at my local Kinkos.  Such an easy way to pull everything together.
 These cute edible photos of the birthday boy for my "self portrait" cookies were sugar sheets that I got from this cute etsy shop.
My original plan was to get Ben's art work laminated to use as placemats for the lunch table.  But at $4.50/painting, it was obviously not in the cards.  Instead I pinned it all up to our big picture windows in the kitchen to showcase my little budding artist's masterpieces.  I ended up loving this so much more, and Ben felt really special with all of his art work highlighted.
This is a close up of one of the place settings, with another printable from The Celebration Shoppe.
And here is the whole table.  I simply moved the paint cans with fruit from the dessert table to the lunch table when it was time to eat.  I made all the kids pick and eat at least one fruit before they were allowed cake and ice cream- so cruel of me. Ha! : ) 

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