Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four-Months-Old (about two weeks ago, oops)

My cute boy turned four-months on May 25th, so yes 2 weeks and 1 day ago.  What a difference one month makes.  For starters Jacky boy really plumped up this month.  He went from the 12% to the 57% in less than two weeks time for weight.  He still is spitting up, but nothing that warranted getting him started on acid reflux medicine.  And now that weight is not an issue anymore, it's not something I foresee putting him on.  I decided to give solid foods a go after his doctor gave me the okay.  I began with rice cereal and attempted this twice, but his poor disgusted face was enough for me to give up on that delicacy.  The Easter Bunny left an apple/carrot mix of squeezy baby food in his basket, so I thought he might enjoy that a little more.  While accompanied with some less than satisfied looking faces, he did swallow some so I kept it up for a few days, until my poor guy got really constipated and his stool turned so hard it brought tears to both his and mine eyes.  I don't know if it was the carrots specifically or solids in general, but I decided to hold off on the solids until he's six-months.  I'm not sure if his little tummy just isn't ready to handle solids yet, or if the constipation is going to be something we will have to deal with at six-months, but I'd rather just wait and tackle it then.
 Jackson is getting stronger by the day.  He can tolerate tummy time for a good while, but because he is so good at rolling out of it, I can't get him to stay on his tummy for very long any more.  He is so close to rolling from his back to his tummy, except for that darn shoulder always gets in his way.
 Laughing is the funniest new development this month.  We could occasionally get him to crack a slight giggle when he was three months, but now we can get a laugh out of him very easily and all the time.  What gets him the most is his tickle spots (under his armpits and his inner thighs- even wiping during diaper changes gets him going).  Funny faces and voices can draw a laugh also.  Ben gets fewer laughs from Jacky than James and I, mostly because his tickling involves him screaming "tickle, tickle" in Jackson's face while poking him in the belly.  Poor kid.
 While Jackson is showing more interest in his toys and can very easily reach out and grab a hold of toys within his reach, his favorite chew toy is his hands.  He's not a thumb sucker or a pointer/middle finger sucker, no he's a whatever he can get in his mouth sucker and chewer.  Sometimes it's one finger, sometimes two, and sometimes it's four knuckles.  He even gags himself doing this sometimes.  Teeth just may be on the horizon, because in addition to the constant chewing on his hands, his face and hands and shirt are usually always covered in drool.
Jackson decided to have a pretty unpredictable month with his sleeping habits.  A few weeks ago he decided the heck with sleeping all night, I feel like waking up once or two times a night now.  For a few days his wake up times were right around 2 am and then again around 5:30 am.  This was a rude awakening for me, and I had to keep reminding myself that most babies his age have been doing this since the day they were born to keep from getting too upset with my usually fantastic sleeper.  After a few days he decided to forego the 2 am wake up and was just awaking around the 5 am timeframe for a quick bed and then back to sleep.  The last few days that was pushed back to about 6:30, so fingers crossed he's got all the kinks worked out and this will be the new norm.  Besides from this slight sleep issue, our Jackson has been nothing but a sweet, content, and happy baby.  He smiles at everyone when we are out and about from his stroller and it always makes them so happy I just don't have the heart to tell them he does it to everyone.

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