Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roald Dahl

A couple months ago I decided that it would be fun to start reading chapter books with Ben, and he was excited about the idea too.  I thought what better books to start off with then Roald Dahl.  Ben has seen a few of his books which have been turned into movies and I remember loving reading some of them when I was a kid.  We started with The BFG.  I wondered how well Ben would be able to pay attention, considering the lengthy chapters and lack of pictures.  I had my doubts until he started to talk about things we had read the night before and I realized that although he misses several of the details, he was following the plot line of the story.  Plus we got a good laugh together out of the "whizz poppers."
Returning the BFG back to the library.
It took us about six weeks to read the whole book, reading a chapter every one to two nights depending on its length- making our nightly routine, one picture book (from the library) and a chapter from our "big kid" book.  Now we are a week into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He is really excited about this one because he has seen the movies and gets excited when he can guess what is coming up in the next chapter.  My goal is to read all of Roald Dahl's books and then start another series afterwards.  It has been a fun experience and it really makes me realize how grown up Ben is getting- he'll be four on Tuesday!  I can hardly believe it.  Soon he'll be reading to me.

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