Friday, June 1, 2012

A Fair Day

Yesterday I met my sister, niece, and parents at the fair for some good old fashioned fun.  Ben had no fear this year on any rides and went down the jumbo slide with my dad about six times.  Once was enough for me.  The babies got their first carousel ride, although the guy made us ride with them in the carriage, but of course we got some pics of them on the horses before the ride began.  Jackson majorly spit up.  Maybe he's going to take after his dad and not be able to handle rides.  Or maybe he just spit up again like he always does.  : )  Craziest thing ever about the fair.  They had a sea lion show with three sea lions.  Can you imagine, a traveling sea lion show.  Crazy.  Here's some pics of the fun day.
  Looking forward to many more fun days this summer with my three boys!

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  1. you girls and your babies are too stinkin cute