Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ben's Art Party: The Birthday Boy

I really cannot believe that my baby is four-years-old!  I know everyone says it and I'm sure I'll say it every year for every one of my kids.  But time really does go way too fast with kids.  It was so fun this year watching Ben at his party because for the first time he was really, really excited for his birthday and party.  And also because of his relationships with his little friends.  We have finally been settled in one place for more than a year and he is forming such good friendships that it was fun to see him interact and share his special day with them.
Four things I love about my four-year-old:
(1) He's such a smart kid.  Traditionally speaking (ABC's and 123's) he seems to be right there with his peers.  But I think he is just so smart in an inquisitive way.  He pieces things together and makes sense out of complicated matters so easily.  James and I are always blown away by the things he understands, the language he picks up on from us, and the conclusions he comes to.
(2) He is such a great brother.  He loves his baby Jacky and ALWAYS wants to be with him.  He has never once complained about his little brother or the time he takes me away from him.  He talks to him all the time, tries to play with him, lets me know if he needs anything (when he wakes up, if he's spit up, if he has a dirty diaper.)  He loves that he can make him laugh now everyday- I can just see the joy it brings to him hearing his baby brother giggle from his silliness.
(3) He cares a lot about his friends.  If he hasn't seen someone for a while, he'll ask me about them and where they've been.  He always wants me to make arrangements with his friends' moms to make plans to see his friends.  He remembers little things they tell him and then he'll pass the news along to me.
(4) Although not nearly as much as he used to be, Ben still has a really soft spot for his mommy.  He doesn't give me nearly as much kisses and hugs as he used to, but he always wants to be with me (sometimes to my dismay).  Even when he is playing with his friends, like swimming today, he wants me to play with him- I know that will change very soon.  When we are apart, as in when he's at preschool or when I'm working out and he's at club kid, he always asks me about what I've been doing.  It's funny to me that he thinks of me that way- not even his daddy is always the greatest about asking me about my day.
Just love this big kid!

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