Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Once again I'm a little behind on the update.  The day before my first born turned four, Jackson turned 5-months-old.  ROLLING has been the big thing of the month.  All of a sudden one day my baby rolled over and since then there has been no stopping him.  The children were in the living room the day after he did his first roll and Jackson was on a blanket in the middle of the living room.  A man from PG&E was over looking at my air conditioner controllers and such and Ben kept telling me to come into the living room because he wanted to show me something.  I put him off for a few minutes telling him to hold on and mommy's busy.  When I finally made my way in there he pointed proudly at the kitchen floor and said "look!"  And there was my poor baby laying on his back on the hard kitchen floor looking rather uncomfortable with the hard surface under his soft head.  I mean the kid must have rolled a good four or five times to get there!
No doctor's appointment this month luckily so I'm not sure what his stats are, but weight problems are definitely a thing of the past.  My baby is chub-by.  We have a feeling he is going to pass up his big brother one day.
He also got his sleep schedule kinks all worked out this month.  Mainly the problem I realized was that he was waking up most nights soaked.  So I started doing a "twilight change," removing his wet diaper and replacing it with a new dry diaper without awaking my sleeping babe right before I go to bed, often times in his crib.  This has worked like a charm.  He stays dry and stays asleep until 7:30 am every morning.
Jackson continues to discover his voice.  He still loves blowing him some raspberries and now has added grunting to his repertoire of noises.  He mainly reserves his grunting for when he's annoyed, bugged, or frustrated- so usually when Ben is around. : )  Hahaha.  Ben loves his baby Jacky so much, which means that he is often right in his face, hugging on him.  Which Jackson for the most part enjoys.  But sometimes, and I don't blame him at all, it can get to be a little much for the poor guy.  But being the most easy going baby in the world he doesn't cry, he just lets out a loud grunt.  It's so funny.  And Ben knows exactly what it means now, so usually backs off- at least for a moment.  He really grunts when Ben is hugging him to tight or putting too much of his weight on Jackson (i.e. laying on him).  One day James and Jackson were in the bedroom and Ben and I heard Jackson let us some grunts and Ben turned to me and said, "daddy must be laying on baby Jacky."  I doubt he was, but then again I never asked James. : )
 Jackson continues to be such a content and happy baby- always smiling and never complaining.  He's happy in our arms with attention showered on him, and he's happy rolling around on the floor by himself.  We are just so blessed with this baby; he brings so much joy to our lives.  I was telling James tonight that I really think he is going to be a fun and funny kid.  Just something about the way he looks at us and smiles I can just see his fun loving, good-natured spirit shining through his eyes.  Can't wait to continue to discover his personality.

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