Thursday, August 9, 2012

And so it begins , , ,

Ben had been wanting a snap bracelet (you know the old school kind that you snap on your wrist and it folds up) since a kid at the gym had shown him his a couple weeks ago,  Well I found one at the craft store and surprised him with it the day after he spent the night at my parents house this last Saturday by having him close his eyes, stick out his arm, and snapping it on his wrist.  He loved it.  So funny.  Jackson discovered it on his wrist the next day and grew rather fond of it too.  Over the next couple days it would occasionally catch his eye and Ben was great at sharing it with him.  He would straighten it out and hand it to Jackson who would then just look at it and switch it from hand to hand.  He never once put it in his mouth; surprisingly not everything goes in his mouth like most babies.  Well, yesterday it happened.  While on Ben's wrist Jackson apparently snatched at it and pulled off the decorative cover from the plastic bracelet.  Ben cried out, "Jacky," and proceeded to tell me that he broke it.  He was only a little upset but I had to laugh to myself and thought this is only the first time your little brother is going to break one of your things, Ben. Poor kid has no idea what's coming.

Ben quickly forgave his little brother and the two remain best friends. : )

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