Friday, August 10, 2012


Jackson turned six-months on the 25th of July.  Hey, I'm not as late as last month.  Starting solids and growing teeth were his big accomplishments of the month.  His bottom two middle teeth popped through at the same time several weeks ago.  At first I thought teething might be a breeze like it was with Ben because they came through without a fuss from Jacky.  But they are still only half way through and those suckers are driving my poor baby crazy.  He is constantly gnawing on his hands (he doesn't like his teething rings), and they cause him a lot of pain.  I know because my baby is not at all a fussy baby, and he now has some fussy times almost every day when his teeth are getting to him.  A little baby Orajel fixes him right up though.  I just hope all of his teeth don't take as long as these first two.
Transitioning to solids has been pretty smooth.  At first he was indifferent to food, and could take it or leave it.  He wasn't getting super excited over it, but he wasn't really turning his face or spitting it out either.  So far he hasn't met a fruit or veggie he didn't like, although he nearly gagged over my homemade green beans.  Which I realized probably had to do with the fact that I blended up our leftovers, which I had seasoned with pepper, because he eats store bought green beans right up.
My baby can now sit up, although he's very wobbly- we've already had two bonking head instances.  He prefers to be laying on the floor, usually on his tummy- yes a baby who likes tummy time.  He is still rolling around like crazy.  He is all over the place and even managed to get his head stuck underneath the ottoman, resulting in a little cut on his forehead.  His little legs have become so much stronger.  We used to call him "lazy legs" because he absolutely refused to put weight on his legs for the longest time.  Now he stands for several minutes on his legs while his daddy holds his arms and makes him do funny dances.
Jackson loves to talk- completely the opposite of Ben, my little quiet baby.  He likes to carry on conversations with whoever will talk back to him, and he loves to squeal and scream.  Yes once he discovers his loud voice, he's thrilled and wants to show off with it.  I was on the phone with an advice nurse one day and Jackson was just yelling away in the background and the nurse thought that his symptom under discussion (diarrhea) was causing him discomfort- and I said no, he's just found his voice again.  Another funny thing he re discovers daily are his hands.  He holds one out in front of him and just moves it back and forth, simply starring at his palm and then the back of his hand.  It's pretty funny to watch him.  Another thing he does with his hands is reach for and touch my face.  It reminds me of a blind person who uses their hands to figure out what someone looks like.  He seriously moves his hands slowly all over my face.  I love it.
I just cannot believe how fast time is going and how big Jacky already looks and acts.  He's such an amazing baby and I don't know how we ever got so blessed.  He adds so much to our family.  He makes all of us so happy- including his big brother, Ben who just can't get enough of trying to crack baby Jacky up.  Which is just so easy for him.  I don't get even half the amount of laughs out of him that Ben can.  Time please slow down.  Or stop all together.  That would be even better.

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