Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Fun and Festive Weekend!

James stayed home from church on Sunday with Jackson because he was still sleeping when we were leaving for church at 9 am - the kid was exhausted so we didn't want to push it.  And when Ben and I returned home from church, we found both James and Jackson passed out in our bed.  So what did Ben and I do?  We read stories and then fell asleep together in Ben's twin bed.  For two hours.  What I'm trying to get at, is by Sunday we were all very tired out from a fun and festive weekend.
It began on Friday with the Ringling Brothers circus.  Ben really loved the show and when asked his favorite part, he simply replied "all of it."  The tricks and spectacles of both the human and animal kind were truly amazing and we had a great time.  But since the show didn't begin until 7:30 and it only was at intermission by 9:30, we decided to skip out on the second half.  Because they turned on all the lights to commence intermission and most everyone got out of their seats, Ben just assumed it was over and left very willingly.  He was tired.
Then on Saturday we got to attend the reception of a dear family friend's cute daughter, Alyssa.  It was held at a beautiful vineyard in Brentwood and everything was just gorgeous.  While we don't know the groom, he seemed like a very fun guy, evident through their lively entrance and fun choreographed dance with their wedding party.
Mother-in-law, Alisa's bundt cakes made a wonderful first impression as you left the indoor area for the beautiful outdoor spot.
We danced and dined and got to introduce Jackson for the first time to a lot of great friends.  Plus all my boys looked super cute in their wedding duds.
I always love fun-filled weekends, but always am thankful for my understanding that Sunday is a holy, sabbath day.  A day of rest.  Because boy did we need it this weekend. : )

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