Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seven Months

Since Jackson is already seven and a half months old, I better update you on his seven month of life.  Oh what can I say about my Jacky boy.  He's still adorable.  And he's still the best dang baby ever.  He loves to eat now.  He downs three 4 oz. jars of Earth's Best baby food per day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus is drinking around 24 oz. a day.  The homemade baby food didn't really pan out.  He wasn't liking my creations all that much and they were often going to waste anyway, so the cost savings weren't really there.  Plus I love the simple, organic ingredients in Earth's Best food.  Plus Babies 'R Us carries them in packs of twelve in about six different varieties.  I am so proud that he likes everything I give him.  I am such a picky eater and honestly hate that about me, so it makes me very proud of my children when they enjoy healthy foods.  Ben is also a pretty fantastic eater and is really into the idea of vegetables helping him grow.  Jackson absolutely refuses to wear a bib and pulls them off the moment I put them on (I need to pick up a few of those shirt bibs that you slide over their neck).  So he usually eats in just a diaper.  Although he's really not too messy of an eater.  He did discover the fun in blowing raspberries while eating yesterday and completely ignored me when I said, "no, Jackson Thomas" very firmly.  Oh well.  I made it clear to Ben that we do NOT encourage that behavior by laughing at Jacky or doing it back to him.  Ben went on a timeout today for doing just that!
I no longer need to pack the pillows around him while sitting because he has become much more sturdy.  It cracks me up seeing him sitting up playing with his toys.  He's such a big boy already.  His favorite toy is one of Ben's old ones.  The classic pop up toy, which features five animals that pop up when you press or twist various buttons.  He can't pop them up yet but loves to close them all once they're up.  He does not move on to another toy or task until all five of those animals are back down.  And sometimes this is a tricky task for him as he tends to get his little fingers stuck while trying to close them.
Jacky also loves that he gets to sit up in the bath with brother now too.  I don't have him sit all by himself in the bath yet; I'm much too nervous for that.  He sits in a little bath chair I picked up from Wal Mart.  I love that I don't have to worry about him slipping and hitting his head.  I actually get a few small things done during bath time every night because I know he is very safe and secure, especially with big brother watching over him.  And he loves that he can splash and catch a bath toy or two as they go floating by his chair.  Ben likes that he can rinse the shampoo out of baby brother's hair.  Jackson doesn't cry ever when we dump water on his head, but does always make a little gasp noise as the water runs down his face and his eyes get really wide.
He's just such an easy going happy baby.  Except if he's hungry, then watch out.  He can go from just crying to screaming, hopping mad if he's hungry and he thinks I am delaying getting him a bottle (i.e. when I hand him off to daddy- he doesn't get that I'm doing that so I can make him a bottle).  But he's seriously almost always smiling his goofy little smile.  His Papa Mike even gave him the nickname "smiling Jack" after spending a long weekend in Tahoe with him.  My grandma, the boys' Nana always says that he is such a good baby that even she could watch him.  And my father-in-law often tells James that he is the best baby he has ever known.  And it's so, so true.  I feel blessed every day to have Jackson.  Of course I would feel just as blessed and in love with him even if he were a "difficult" baby.  But I just feel really lucky perhaps is a better word, that my baby just so happens to be a very content, happy baby.  And he makes all of us more happy and content too.  Because when you look at him you just can't help but smile because "smiling Jack" is certainly smiling back at you.
And since I'm late with this of course, even bigger changes have occurred since he turned seven months.  Let's just say, he's on the move . . .

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