Monday, September 17, 2012

Beary Sick Today

My Baby Jacky has a bad cold and a horrible tummy- which has lead to a horrible diaper rash.  But I'm lucky in that when my kids aren't feeling well, all they want to do is sleep.  Jackson woke up at 7 am.  I gave him a bottle and usually he'll go back down for about an hour or so.  Well today, he slept till 10.  And then after just a few short hours, he went back down around 1.  And didn't wake up until 4:30.  He's now in bed for the night, and has been there since 7.  Crazy, right.
During the few hours I had with him today he handled his cold like a champ.  Just doing his normal cute thing.  He now can stand holding on to something for quite a long time and it's the cutest thing watching his little legs wiggle around, struggling to support his little body.
I hope he's much, much better tomorrow.  Especially the diaper rash.  It's his first one and it's bad.  I feel horrible having to wipe him.  I started him on yogurt this week, so that may be the cause.  I'm going to pull it from his diet for now and hope it clears up very soon.
I love you my sweet baby Jacky.  You are the best baby ever.  And you were looking so beary cute today!

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