Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ben's First Best Friend

Aren't best friend's fun?  I remember my first best friend.  Her name was Jenny.  She was just as blonde as I was and we used to chase around this boy Michael in Kindergarten.  One time we actually caught him by the jacket, and he wiggled out of that thing and took off again leaving his jacket behind in our tight grips.
Look at how little they were. : ) 

Well Ben found his best buddy last year in preschool.  His name is Beau.  He has really cool hair.  Has a sweet little voice.  And just really likes my little Ben.  And the best part is that I really like his mom, Shannon.  She is super friendly.  Very involved.  And so organized.  She's always on time and prepared.  By prepared, I mean she always has lots of snacks.  She introduced me to our gym, Club Sport.  I have a work out buddy.  And our little buddies get to hang out a lot at the gym.
It's been fun watching their relationship grow.  They run to each other when they see each other.  Ben always asks if Beau is going to be there when we are headed to the club.  And he ALWAYS asks when he can go to Beau's house again.

I really haven't seen them fight too often before, but they sure can work each other up and can get pretty wild around each other.  Which isn't always the best thing in the club's lobby.  I haven't worked in the classroom yet this year but I hear they make some mean creations in the sandbox together at school.
Can you spot Beau? 
It's so fun to see Ben developing relationships with so many great friends between school and church.  He has become so social and outgoing, which makes me so proud of him.  And I love that he has a best friend in a little boy, who's just as blonde as he is.  : ) 
Yesterday at Beau's super hero birthday party. 

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