Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jayson gets married

James brother, Jayson married his other half on September 1st in the Seattle, WA temple.  It was so exciting to be there for them, and they really are a perfect match for each other.  It's also exciting to have another married couple in the family on James' side- another member of my team (the In-laws).  They had a reception that night at a beautiful country club, and I was so glad to pitch in and help set up.  It was quite the undertaking.  I arranged all of the paper tissue chandeliers, hung the smaller paper tissue strands on the big mirror behind the buffet, and drew the tree for their "guest book."  I was glad to help and everything turned out so beautiful and was a very fun night.  
James and the groomsmen- minus Jeff. 
The cute couple. 
They had a really cool photo booth there, which was lots of fun.
The next weekend my mother-in-law, Alisa hosted an open house reception in California, which I helped extensively for.  Pictures of that fun night and all of the cute details to follow soon.

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