Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ben Says

First of all I must note that Ben talks non stop.  It can be very exhausting sometimes let me tell you. He is constantly asking me questions, if James and I are talking he HAS to know what we are talking about, he doesn't accept I don't know as an answer, and I could go on and on.  In all of his daily talking he says something that is just so darn hilarious everyday and I need to do a better job recording them down.  I read on a friend's blog that she keeps a little journal out on her kitchen counter and brings it with her to quickly write down something funny her children said.  Her husband even started a twitter account featuring the funny things their kids say.  To begin my effort to do a better job to record some of the things that Ben says I thought I would start off with a few things I can remember right now.

  • I overheard him playing in his room the other day and heard him exclaim (although I don't know in what context) "OMG!"  I asked him if he knew what it meant and he said no but he heard it on Jessie (a Disney channel show).  
  • Ben kept kicking a little toy further and further away from Jackson one day while Jackson was adamantly trying to crawl after it.  I told him not to do that and he said "why, he never gives up." 
  • If I do something or don't do something which he considers not to be very motherly (i.e. ignoring his requests to play with him because I'm busy), he will ask me "what kind of mommy are you?!"
  • And if I do something silly, like forget something (which is all the time), but not necessarily mother-related, he'll ask me "what kind of lady are you?" 
  • I bought Jackson a couple shirt bibs today (so he can't take them off), and had one on him tonight while feeding him dinner.  Ben looked at it and said "I love bananas?"(the bib has a heart and then a picture of a banana on it, so he put two and two together- he can't actually read yet).  And then said, "Really?  Really, mom?"  I cracked up.  Why you ask?  Because earlier today I gave Jackson a small bite of a banana and he made the craziest face and then completely spit it all out, and Ben was a witness to this.  Now do you get why his comment is so funny?! 
  • James and I seriously laugh almost every night reflecting on something funny that Ben said that day, but of course my mind is blank for now.  I'll fill more in as they come to me.  

Ben kept saying "yo!" while rocking this hat at his Uncle Jay's wedding reception. 

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