Thursday, August 16, 2012


A couple weeks ago we made the decision for James to leave his wonderful position at ArcSight for an opportunity with a great company and a fantastic new position.  James began his career with ArcSight just shy of two-years-ago.  He has excelled in his position as an Account Development Representative (ADR); always meeting or surpassing his monthly quota. His position was basically to get the ball rolling on deals by setting up interested, well-qualified companies with an ArcSight sales representative.  James would sit in on the initial call, but then the sales reps would take it from there.  He has loved his time at ArcSight and has learned and grown so much in the tech industry, specifically security, through his time there.  His managers have been the best and will continue to be great contacts and mentors for him in the future.  He adored his team; the texting that occurred between him and his co-workers reminded me of high schoolers.  I really don't know if he will ever find a group of co-workers that clicked as much as these guys.  There were so many wonderful things about his position at ArcSight but James was ready for more responsibility and a closing role.
After a few interviews and a couple offers that weren't a good fit, a friend from church after having a lengthy conversation with James during a 4th of July parade, set him up with an interview with his new company WhiteHat Security.  Things moved really quickly after James interviewed: they called the next day to see what James thought about the company, position, etc., and then presented him an official offer the next day.  As of last Tuesday, James is now an Accountant Executive for WhiteHat Security.  Which means that he is now in a closing role as an inside (no travel) sales representative for the company.  He is so excited to be advancing and on his way to becoming an outside sales representative.  Already he is blowing me away with the product knowledge and overall market knowledge he has gained over the last week with WhiteHat.  Another change that this brings is a change in schedule.  For now he will be working a 7-4 shift (but in sales, things always become flexible so long as you are getting the job done).  We were really worried about traffic at this time, as opposed to the east coast hours he had been keeping, but so far so good.  The traffic has only added an extra fifteen minutes or so to his commute.  He gets home right around five, which in ways has actually been nicer than him getting home at two.  We cherish the time as a family more, and I tend to be more productive during the 3-5 o'clock hours than I was when he was home before.  I'm so proud of him and I know that he is going to experience lots of success.  He gets on the phones on Tuesday and I know he's pumped.  Good luck honey.

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