Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Great First 4th!

This was a special 4th of July for us around here because it was Jackson's first one.  We started the day off with another first for him- his first bike ride.  Seeing him in his little helmet was so funny and he was such a trooper.  We biked downtown to the wonderful parade in our town.  Nothing like a good old parade to bring you back, I told my girlfriend that I felt like I was in a time warp.
I was just happy we ran into some friends because Ben was glad to have some buddies to sit with and enjoy the parade together.  His favorite part was the candy that the "very nice boy scouts" gave him.  Now he can't wait to be a boy scout so he can hand out candy to little kids at parades. : )
We were all pretty wiped out after our bike ride and the long parade, so after lunch it was time for naps.  Ben doesn't regularly nap anymore, but when we have a late night activity we make it a precedent that he has to.  He went down pretty willingly, considering that he must have been very tired after waking up this morning at 6:20.  His two and a half hour nap also was a testament of how tired he was.  Jackson was even more tired because he slept for over three hours (it was his only nap of the day).
 We then headed out to Sausalito to watch the fireworks from James' aunt and uncle's house.  They were out of town but extended an invite for us to come watch from their house (since this is our tradition just about every year).  You sure can't beat the show or the view.  Just gorgeous.  Jackson was awake for the show and both my boys actually sat with me and snuggled and watched the whole show.  It was completely and absolutely perfect.  Couldn't have been a better first 4th of July!

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