Thursday, October 25, 2012

Science, Spooks, Sweets, and Stores

This last weekend Ben's preschool hosted a free community event called Science Day.  There were loads of awesome science activities for the kids to walk around the whole school and do.  All of them are pretty easy to do at home with common household items like baking soda- still haven't done any yet.  Among the activities were baking soda sand volcanos.

And dry ice bubbles.

My baby Jackson was there too, looking so precious all bundled up.
Afterwards we went out to pizza and then went to Ghost Golf (an indoor very spooky small 9-hole golf course).  Luckily this year Ben is not spooked out by any Halloween decor and loved it.
After the excitement of science and spookiness, we vegged for the rest of the weekend, watching Halloween movies, eating festive desserts, and snuggling.  Love the weekends!
Both have their favorite thing in hand.  Jackson- his bottle.  James- his remote. 
And Ben spent the better part of Sunday setting up shop in his room.  Everything had a price tag, and everything cost real money.  Clever kid getting his mommy to pay twice for something I already own!

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