Monday, October 29, 2012

Preschool Parade

Ben had his Halloween parade at preschool this morning.  It's about two minutes of the kiddos lapping the school yard twice, followed by ten minutes of doting parents taking pictures, and three minutes of changing kiddos out of costumes so they don't get ruined at school.
Jackson wanted to wear a costume like the big kids.  Here they are with Teacher Sarah. 

The fun for the kids started after us parents left.  They got to get their faces painted and played a few fun games, I think.  I can never really get too much information out of Ben about what he actually did at school.  All I know is my Ben walked out of school with a full painted Frankenstein face.  I was just telling my friend Shannon, after seeing her little Frankenstein that Ben hates to get his face painted.  How he always refuses, and sticks out his hand to be painted instead.  I was a little shocked when I saw him.  He told me on the way home that he didn't really want to get his face painted.  I asked him why he did it then, and he said "just for fun."  I think it was peer pressure.  It's beginning already.

I thought for sure Jackson would be a little afraid of his big brother when he saw him, considering he was very uneasy around James in his rock star costume, and all he had on was black eye liner.  Instead he laughed.  Love that baby!

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