Sunday, February 15, 2015

My lovely valentines

This was definitely a fun year for Valentines.  With two kiddos in school and a little girl to dress up, I had a fun month. The celebrations kicked off on Tuesday with Ben's Valentines party.  We went with a Minecraft theme of course.  TNT poppers for the boys and gem bracelets for the girls. Ben's not really into Valentines because it's all about mushy girly stuff, but he was pleased with his Valentines.  I also surprised him and his friend, Connor with Minecraft shirts I made out of felt to wear to their class party.
For Jackson we turned to Pinterest and searched monkey valentines.  He choose the design and I swapped out the candy for mini banana bread loafs (from Costco).  Both boys had fun laying out all their Valentines when they got home and eating their candy right away (there wasn't much).
On Valentines day James was up bright and early to head to the shop (one of our busiest days).  We slept in a bit and then I gave the kids their Valentines gifts.  A plush gummy bear for Elle and big candy gummy bears for the boys, which they've been slowly eating away at.  We then went to see Daddy and got to sneak him away for breakfast.  Ben begged to stay and work with daddy so that's what he did and I got to come home and take a wonderful nap with my littlest loves.  James and I were planning on going to dinner at our club we belong too, but we were all worn out so it was Taco Bell at home instead.  James watched the NBA All Star festivities and Ben and I had movie night in my bed.  Overall a perfect day.  Especially since James came home with cake and a card (two things more than last year).  We will get a proper celebration in in a couple weeks when my parents take the kids for the weekend of my 30th birthday (yikes!)

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