Monday, February 2, 2015

Jackson's Wild & Three

Well my baby boy turned three on the 25th.  I have so much to say about that cute boy of mine but I'm going to leave that for another post.  I just want to get down the details of how we celebrated his big day.  The celebrating started three days before at preschool.  Per his request I made monkey cupcakes, which some people at the school thought were teddy bears.  His response was, "they're not bears, they're monkeys.  They have big ears!" (Duh!)  His little friends and new teacher sang to him while he sat in the birthday chair.  I think he felt pretty special.
Then on Saturday we ventured into the city with my family to spend the day at the San Francisco Zoo.  As the cupcakes would imply Jackson loves monkeys and so I thought the zoo would be a fun place to celebrate with family.  The weather was amazing and the kids loved all the animals.  The coolest thing was the grizzly bear who came right up to the glass wall and then started licking the glass where the kids were putting there hands up to it.
I was so glad he has both his preschool celebration and the zoo day because the day of his birthday, Sunday was a bit of a bust.  We started to get colds on Friday afternoon and by Sunday we were pretty knocked out.  We stayed home from church and just relaxed/slept most of the day.  I finished making Jackson's present (monkey PJ bottoms after my nap when I had some energy mustered up).  I didn't have any cake plans, besides we had cake twice that week already.  I felt like we needed some sort of treat and without any eggs, all we had was ice cream.  But since the birthday boy doesn't like ice cream but for some reason likes milk shakes, that's what we had.  I was feeling a little mom guilt about the day when my sweet boy said over his milk shake, "thank you my milk shake mama.  thank you my birthday."  He really is the sweetest thing.  Can't believe he's three!

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