Friday, February 20, 2015

President's day weekend

Ben had an extra long president's day/valentines weekend.  So we had five days to kill.  And in order to keep myself sane that means we need to get out of the house.  I'm not the best at home mom.  I tend to either stay really busy cleaning or just completely veg.  Either way, I'm not as present with the kids at home than outside the home doing something fun together.  We kicked things off with a trip to a local reservoir.  We had never been before and it was beautiful and the weather was gorgeous.  At first we just wondered around, went down to the docks, went off the beaten path and explored.  Than after we set off walking down the patched path for a while I got the bright idea to go all the way around the reservoir.  Needless to say two and a half hours later we emerged on the other side victorious.  I cannot believe it took us that long.  It was 2.7 miles.  And Jackson walked the whole way.  Both boys were champs and didn't complain at all and Elle either slept or scoped out her surroundings from the comfort of her wrap.  Her favorite place to be.  : )
Day 2 of break was spent in the city.  We started off our day at You Tube.  Ben is a huge fan of watching mine craft and science experiment videos.  I arranged with an old friend who works there for a little tour of the place.  The highlights included the video game room and the indoor pool in the basement.
We then headed over to Ocean Beach and I was actually sweating.  On a beach.  In San Francisco.  Kind of unheard of.  There were some great caves and the boys had a blast.  Even after Jackson fell into a little tide pool and got completely soaked.  We had to stop at Marshalls to buy him some $2 pair of Nike shorts.
After our fun in the sun we needed some refreshment so we shared a big three scoop sundae before going to the boys haircuts.  We ended our busy Friday paying daddy a visit at the bakery.  I thought we would maybe get him some dinner.  Instead the boys immediately went to work helping fold boxes and un-pan bundtinis.  After this we pretty much did nothing Sunday and Monday.  Aaahh.  A perfect long weekend.  A whole lotta fun followed by a whole lotta relaxation.

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