Sunday, February 15, 2015

Six-months. Half a year already.

How did we get here already? Half a year old. It's going way too fast. This month my baby has truly blossomed right before my eyes. She has just about mastered the tri pod sit. Her legs need to be spread out and she kind of rests on her hands in front of her. She can only sit up for less than a minute at a time and if she gets distracted by anything than its less. But she's growing stronger every day. Sister loves toys. Prop her up in her bumbo chair or on the couch and surround her with toys and she's a happy girl. She has an excellent grasp now and can play happily for long stretches of time. She reaches for absolutely everything in her sight and loves to play with anything that makes a crinkle sound. Plastic bags included. (We supervise her well don't worry). 
While it seems like feeding guidelines change all the time, so I decided to just go with my current pediatrician's recommendation and wait to start solids till six months. So we wil be embarking on that new journey tomorrow. Wish us luck. Hopefully I'll have another good eater on my hands. Speaking of eating, Elle appears to have outgrown her spit up issues for the most part and is gaining beautifully. Her thunder thighs are awesome and I think she's my chubbiest baby yet. She doesn't have a check up for a few weeks but I feel like her weight percentile will have definitely gone up. Poor thing though is getting some fairly hard stools from her soy formula. But a little prune juice every few days seems to be keeping it in check. 
Elle is most definitely a mama's girl and is getting a lot more stranger conscious. She makes a nervous face if someone new is holding her and will stare at me to make sure I'm not going anywhere. While she loves her mama a ton I cannot make her laugh like her brothers can. They get her going so much that she can barely catch her breath. And sometimes she gets so excited by them that she lets out this loud squeal. Basically the cutest thing ever. Ben gets her going the most by playfully throwing toys at or near here. It just cracks this girl up. 
Elle is still taking two naps a day with some cat napping in the car. Bedtime routine this month was down for bed by 8 pm up for a late night snack at around 3 am and then back to bed till 7-ish. Can't ask for much more. I am hoping though that with the additions of solids we can soon phase out the middle of the night feeding. 
She's just my happy healthy baby and I couldn't feel more blessed to have her. We are besties already. 

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