Monday, January 19, 2015

Tahoe NYE 2K15

We spent another fantastic New Years in Tahoe with James' family.  The whole gang was there this year and we got to spend our longest time there ever- six whole days.  It was perfectly relaxing and oh so cozy.  Once again there was not much snow.  However, we arrived late in the evening our first night and about ten minutes later it started to snow.  The boys ran out on the deck without shoes or coats on and intuitively stuck their noses towards the sky and opened their mouths wide to catch the magical falling snowflakes on their tongues.  Right when I went out to film them, Jackson ran back in stating it was cold.  Duh!  I was sorta hoping that we would wake up the next morning to a winter wonderland, but no such luck.  Which was a good thing really since the rest of the family was driving up that day.  Nothing scarier than driving in lots of snow.  The weather however was freezing cold (unlike last year), so we pretty much stayed put for two days until venturing out to Northstar on NYE for the fireworks.  
At first I was going to stay back at the cabin with Jackson and Elle, but then worried about the fit Jackson would throw and started to fell sad about us missing out.  I decided that I could get us bundled enough to stay warm.  Ironically Jackson and Elle stayed toasty, but Ben was the one who ended up complaining of cold.  Poor kid and his Hunter boots.  We double socked him and everything but the plastic wellies just didn't keep his piggies warm enough.  Luckily we only had about forty minutes to kill before fireworks, so we spent some of that time in a candy store (just keeping warm), and then bundled up and drank hot coco till the show started.  I love the fireworks at Northstar and it's been a fun tradition of ours for the last four years.  
Elle promptly went to bed when we got home but those crazy boys of mine made it till midnight.  Although I don't think they thought it was worth it.  They were pretty letdown by the countdown and sparkling cider salute (that's it, mom! that's what we've ben waiting all night for).  
The rest of our time was pretty much spent indoors playing games and watching football.  Ben converted some of the group to Minecraft and he was in heaven playing on a server with these guys.  They told me he mines like a fifteen-year-old.  I didn't know if I should be proud or worried.  Ha.  
Jackson enjoyed all the attention from everyone and all the new toys (why do kids play SO much better with other people's toys?)  Elle enjoyed taking it all in from her Bumbo chair, and getting passed around.  
Our last day it was finally warm enough to venture outdoors so we headed to Squaw for some sledding.  We got a bit of a late start so the tube sledding was sold out (which explains Ben's grumpy face below).  Grandma came to the rescue and found a plastic sled for purchase and we joined the rest of the rebels on the hill right next to the tube sledding, where a sign No Sledding was clearly displayed.  Whoops. 
Man the boys had so much fun sledding.  But man is it terrifying to watch as their mother.  Seeing your child flying down a hill at an uncomfortable speed, only a thin layer of cheap plastic between them and the icey floor.  Plummeting towards a crowd of people and trees hoping they're able to doge them all in the end and stop before reaching the pavement.  Yes see, terrifying I tell you.  Luckily they were pleased after just a couple times down.  James and Jackson were hilarious as the snow absolutely sprayed them in the face on the way down.  Jackson was all smiles coming down but then immediately stood up and ran towards me shaking off the snow and complaining of being cold.  
On the second to last night someone (ahem, me) suggested we play charades.  We were hooked and played the next night too for over an hour each night.  You forget how much fun the simple games (without cards, pieces, or boards) can be.  They've always been my favorite.  Hopefully we will make our way back up to Tahoe before next New Years (but the year always seems to get away from us and before we know it the year is almost ending).  Crazy how that happens.  At least we always have New Years.  

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