Monday, January 5, 2015

Our first family thanksgiving

We have spent the last six years (since we've had kids) running ourselves almost ragged on holidays.  Two Thanksgivings every year.  And seriously four Christmas's (spelling?)- all on Christmas day.  Well, this year seeing as we have grown to a family of five, we decided that it was time to spend the holidays in our own home (more or less).  Staying home for Thanksgiving meant that I was responsible for Thanksgiving dinner- gulp!  I went out in search of a tiny turkey but came home with a small turkey breast, which turned out so delicious because it was all white meat (my fav).  And for the first time in my adult life I had turkey leftovers for sandwiches.  Which I thoroughly enjoyed for two days.  I stuffed it with some cornbread stuffing from Trader Joes and seasoned it with olive oil, thyme, and parsley.  I kept things simple and made mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans (no casserole style here- I'm not a fan), sweet potato casserole, and store bought rolls.  I was so thrilled at how delicious it turned out.  It was a good first go for sure.

James and Ben kicked off the festivities with an early Turkey Bowl game, which Ben was so excited to be included in this year.  While they were gone I started cooking, while Jackson watched the parade.  Every once in a while he'd run into the kitchen exclaiming, "you gotta see this?"  I'd hurry over to the tv with him to spot some beloved character in giant ballon form.
It was so nice to gain back so much downtime, which is normally spent for us driving from one place to the next.  Don't get me wrong, I love to spend time over the holidays with extended family, but I think we finally struck a good balance this year.  It's so important to start creating traditions in our own little home and especially with little kids, enjoy the downtime as much as the festivities.  Otherwise it can all be just exhausting.
Can't wait for next year.  I might even step up my feast game a bit too.  

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