Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five months

Baby sister turns five-months-old today.  I hate to see time fly by so quickly, but I'm also loving this stage.  She is becoming more and more like a baby and less like an infant every day.  It's fun to see how much she is interacting with us and her surroundings and how she's participating in life so much more (now that she isn't sleeping ALL the time).  I missed her four month update so this update will span the last two months.  Her new tricks include rolling from her back to her tummy and reaching for and grasping toys.  She doesn't hang on to them very long but she's getting stronger and more interested in toys every day.  Elle also loves to be in her Bumbo chair sitting up and enjoying all the action from a different viewpoint.  We love to have her as a centerpiece on the table as we eat or do homework.
Elle is now exclusively on formula.  Sadly, she weened herself as my supply become low and she grew frustrated with the lack of flow.  She is slowly but surely starting to gain and weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz. at her 4.5 month checkup and moved from the 4th to the 8th percentile.  Her pedi thought that was good progress.  She also recommended that I hold off on any solids till six months as its better for allergies and eczema.  That will be our fun new adventure for next month.  The boys are really excited for that and keep asking me when she can start eating.  Speaking of eating, no teethers yet for Miss Elle but they are most definitely coming.  She is a drool machine and her poor little gums have been bugging her big time.  A little Orajel naturals has been doing the trick so far.  Also her fists or feet (see below) in her mouth seem to be soothing.  Forget the teething rings, she's all about them hands.  She hasn't settled on any particular part of her hand yet, but instead goes from thumb, to fingers, to whole fist. 
Overall she's just a sweet little thing who as long as she's part of the action she is usually a happy camper.  She's still a great sleeper although her nights really have no solid routine to them.  She does go down right at seven every night and typically only wakes up one time before rising at around 7 am.  But that one time is all over the map.  Sometimes as early as one.  Other times around three.  And sometimes she makes it all the way till five.  We've carved out a pretty good napping routine; one short nap around 10 and then a longer nap around 2.  Luckily she can still sleep on the go and can sleep through anything.  I mean ANYTHING.  It's nuts, but so so useful in a tiny house with two rambunctious brothers.  We humans sure know how to adapt to our surroundings thank goodness.  As girly and sweet as she is, she can sure grunt, pass gas (ahem), and snore like a trucker.  She seriously snores louder than both her brothers and even her daddy.  
We sure do love you Baby Sister Girl (I really don't think she even knows her real name).  Fist pumps for us all surviving your first five months.  

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