Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Eve

In order to have a less busy Christmas day, we had an eventful Christmas Eve.  Which didn't conclude till midnight for the kids and 3 am for mommy/santa's helper.  James had to go into the bakery in the morning while the kids and I slept in.  Our first stop of the day was my parent's house.  We started with sugar cookie making and frosting.  The kids ate the ones they frosted and then my sister and I frosted some for Santa.  Once James arrived (he was busy delivering Christmas cheer in cake form), it was time for presents.  I love my parent's stockings for the grandkids from Pottery Barn.  Newbies Emma and Elle got coordinating ballerina stockings.  The children were showered with gifts from my parents and sister.  Jackson received pots and pans, dishes, and play food to go with his new kitchen.  Ben was the very happy recipient of a science kit and tickets to go with his papa to see Walking with Giants (a live show featuring thirty foot high robotic dinosaurs- they had a blast!)  Elle received a walker (even though we have a pact that she's not going to get any bigger on me) and some cute clothes of course.

Around 6pm we said our goodbyes and headed to the in-laws for dinner.  As per tradition we opened our eve present first- new pjs of course.  James stumbled upon these adult onesies at Abercrombie and took over the pj shopping.  Everyone loved their cozy onesies and they made the perfect lounging outfit for our upcoming trip to Tahoe for New Years.  After getting cozy we began to open presents.  We open presents one at a time, youngest to oldest, so it takes a while.  The boys were very patient though and enjoyed seeing what everyone else was getting too.  Jackson kept opening up his and exclaiming, "yeah, a box!"  He was very excited every present he opened and made the gift givers very happy I'm sure.  Ben got the coolest lego block sorter where you shake it and the pieces fall down into the slots based on size (and this after I  asked my MIL how she used to store legos- perfect find).  We can't wait for Jackson to give his new plasma car a go.  I know he's going to love it.  Of course some more stylish duds to add to Elle's wardrobe, and I about fell off the couch with excitement over my Freshly Picked purse.  Now my babe and I match!  We took a little dessert break and I ate way too many of my mother--in-law's delicious sugar cookies.  I don't know how she gets them to be so dang soft.  Near the end of presents, and close to midnight, Jackson began to ask if we could go home.  When we got loaded up in the car I told the boys that it was Christmas.  Ben said, "no christmas is tomorrow."  And I said, "well, it is tomorrow," since it was 12:03.  Kinda like Christmas and NYE all in one!  

The boys were too tired to put out Santa's cookies and passed the job on to me.  I couldn't help snapping some pics of my sleeping babe next to the cookies before setting them out with the milk.  The Honest Co. that delivers Elle's diapers sent us the sweetest Christmas package of sugar cookie mix and this snowflake cutter.  I just had to frost them to match the snowflake print diapers and of course I had to document it.  She stayed asleep the whole time.  While Daddy put together Elle's new play center, I set out the stockings and the Santa presents, and finally crawled into bed around 3 am.  Only to be awoken by a very excited six and a half year old boy stating, "now I know Santa isn't real! There are fruit snacks in Jackson's stocking and there are fruit snacks in the pantry!"  Busted!  He's always been a very practical, feet on the ground sorta kid and he'd been questioning the whole santa thing all month.  So he wasn't devastated or anything.  I neither confirmed nor denied his accusations.  Let's just hope he keeps his mouth shut for his siblings next year.

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