Thursday, January 15, 2015


I was a huge fan of dolls as a little (and not so little) girl.  I played with them regularly till I was probably twelve.  I had Cabbage Patch dolls and dolls that peed and looked creepily real (remember those?)  I didn't know about American Girl dolls until I was maybe nine.  My friend Nicole had Samantha and I was hooked.  The magazines started coming to my house and I would spend hours looking through them.  Before I got a doll I started to read the books, and because at the time I had thick rimmed glasses, when it came time to pick a doll I choose Molly.  I got her for my tenth birthday in February and Christmas that year I received a hand made armoire and bed from my Grandpa, beautiful handmade clothes made by my Grandma, which hung on tiny iron hangers welded by my uncle.  It was seriously the best Christmas ever.  From then on for any occasion my mom ordered me a new outfit from the catalogue and my grandma continued to make me clothes.  I have an amazing collection, I really need to photograph it all when I get my hands on it.  It's at my parents house but I am seriously considering packing it into my car next time I'm over there and finding some space in Elle's tiny nursery to set it up.  I already cannot wait to pass it down to her.  But alas it's going to be some time before she is old enough to play with that kind of doll.  In the meantime, however, I am going to feed her hopefully love for all things dolly by starting to build her very own collection of handmade dolls.  I am in love with all of the handmade doll companies sprouting up on Etsy and Instagram and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of those beauties.  Just like with other handmade items, I love all of the love that goes into each hand crafted doll.  They are seriously works of art. 
The first one that has been on my radar for sometime now is the Emma doll from Candy Kirby Designs.  Elle's crib sheet is from there and the doll's skirt matches it for goodness sakes, and Erin makes the most fun and vibrant baby items.  Her dolls sell out in a snap so I'm hoping I can somehow snap up Emma for Elle's Easter basket.
The next covet worthy dolls comes from a brand new shop, Giddyup Gertrude.  Her dolls are amazingly beautiful.  I knew I wanted one, but after going online and seeing that this beauty below is named so perfectly "Miss Elle," now I know I have to have it!  I'm hoping to get this one for Elle's first birthday.  I already daydream about getting a matching outfit for Elle for her party.  Seriously people these are the things I daydream about.  I gotta get a life.  : )
Sweet Littles Handmade makes the sweetest ballerina rag dolls.  I love the ribbon hair and the long limbs.  And c'mon those tutus and ribbon ballet shoes are amazing.  

Another Etsy shop, Rovingovine makes the sweetest rag dolls.  She has so many cute ones to choose from, but I'd love to collab with her on a totally custom doll at some point.
And lastly (for now) I am crushing on this little fairy doll from The Land of Nod.

And because a girl needs to keep her dollies close at all times (and needs some assistance walking while doing so), this little wooden pram is a must too.

Let's just hope that my very own Miss Elle is just as much into dolls as I was.  Because I seriously cannot wait to play with her.

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