Monday, January 11, 2010

Bentley's First Trip With His Grandparents

The weekend after Thanksgiving my parents, sister, and grandparents took Bentley to LA to Knottsberry Farm (I put Disneyland off limits, since James and I want to be with Ben for his first time of course). I had to work, and James was still in Utah, so we both missed out on the fun. Bentley loves his grandparents and quickly he learned to say their names. His first was "Nana" (my grandma), and then he perfected "Papa" (my dad), but still hasn't got my mom's chosen grandma name down yet, "Mimi." He says "mama." It's funny how I couldn't say "mama" so called my mom "mimi," and Ben calls my mom "mama," and can't say "mimi." Anyways, they loved taking him along with them and they had a great time. Although Ben would not let Snoopy get too close; he did like the characters from a far.

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