Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Told you no promises on the everyday posting thing. My weeks are just crazy now. Not only do I work from 9 to 5 now, Monday thru Friday, but I also started working out Monday thru Thursday. Therefore, my two hours in between work and working out are spent with my son and not blogging. And I think I have my priorities straight!

James was away in Utah finishing up school until the 20th, so we only had five days to celebrate the holiday season together as a family. And for the very short time that we had, we did quite a few festive things. Our first event was my family's annual Christmas party. Here is Ben participating in the children's white elephant swap. He picked and unwrapped his own present; he got a pink kitty holding a pink blanket. Luckily my cousin Chloe swapped him and he ended up with a Target gift card.

Our next order of business was making sure that Ben saw Santa this year. Last year we didn't get this milestone moment accomplished, so it was a must this year. Bentley screamed when we sat him on Santa's lap. SO we kindly asked Santa to get out of his chair, placed Ben on his chair, distracted Ben thoroughly by dancing ridiculously and singing "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer," meanwhile Santa sneaked back in next to Bentley and they finally captured this picture. The serious face is classic Ben.

Constructing a gingerbread house was the next thing on my Christmas to do list. I want to make it one of our traditions, since neither myself or James grew up doing it (it can be ALL ours). I hope to improve every year (clearly).

The last must do was a trip to see the Christmas lights at beautiful Oakland Temple. It was freezing, but the bright lights and spirit there warmed my heart and made me happy knowing that my family will be together forever, and therefore have lots more Christmas seasons together to come!

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