Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lollipop Haircut Shop

Last Saturday we took Bentley to the Lollipop Haircut Shop to get his first haircut. And boy did he need it. His hair is very fine, and sparse on the sides. It was getting so long in the front, that in order to keep it out of of his eyes, I had to part it to one side. The result: the baby comb over! His hair has been referred to as "mad scientist hair," and "Donald Trump hair;" lovingly, of course.

He fell asleep on the way there. A bad start. When we woke him up he was tired and grumpy. By the time he got into his Hummer barber shop "chair," he was NOT very happy. Basically he cried and cried elephant tears for the first several minutes. Luckily in his crying he stayed really still.

In an effort to stop the torture, we decided that he might be better off sitting on my lap, which he was, until . . . the lady brought out the clippers. The rest of thebuzzing was torturous, but luckily it didn't last long.

Bentley was a much happier camper when the "mean" lady handed him a lollipop. He even told her thank you.

Check out the cute certificate he received. Something for the memory book for sure.

I think he'll do better next time; let's hope!

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