Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch Up

Clearly I am in need of doing just that. My last post was written Halloween night. Two days later I packed Bentley and I up and moved to California to start working full time as an assistant for my father-in-laws insurance agency. We moved on a Sunday, drove all day, and I started work on Tuesday. Needless to say my life got much busier, and quickly. The decision to move Ben and I back to California six months prior to James' graduation was a decision that we reached in two weeks. So everything was very sudden; including my goodbye to Utah and friends. I still miss the beautiful state and my wonderful friends, but am slowly adjusting to being a Californian again. I've been away for four years, and despite the fact that this is where I was born and raised, I am having difficulty having it feel like home again. This could also be due to the fact that I don't really have a home; not of my own. We are currently living with my parents. The house is HUGE, Bentley has his own room (ah, privacy!), there is a dishwasher, and washer and dryer, and my wonderful parents (Mimi and Papa to Bentley), and Grandma (Nana to Ben). I am so grateful to be living here, and the ammenities are fabulous (I come home and dinner is made!), but I think I'll feel more settled when we can move into a little place of our own again (probably two more months).

Other than the beginning work thing taking up my time, I sorta lost motivation to blog because I am now currently residing in the home of my most faithful and anticipated reader, my mom. But after hearing from Nana (James' grandma), among others, that they are missing my blog posts, I thought that I would take another crack at it. Besides I realized that I have no other journal, so I should make an attempt to document at least the big things on my blog.

So here is my catch up plan. I am going to write daily (no promises though) to bring everything current. Whenever others in my same boat play catch up and post like ten posts, I find that I stop reading after the third post. So hopefully a daily post will keep my readers interested. I will start with Thanksgiving.


  1. It is good to finally here how things are going for you guys! I sure miss you, but it sounds like things are going great. :)