Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm One Lucky Girl

I don't know why it takes holidays to make us reflect on certain things that we should be focusing on all the time, but it just does.  Thanksgiving reminds us of what we are grateful for, Valentines Day reminds us to show those we love just how much we love them.  Similar to Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's day got me thinking about just what a lucky girl I am.  I am lucky that . . .
My family is healthy (despite the fact that poor little Jackson has a cold right now).
My children are thriving: developing, growing, and learning.
My husband has a great job with wonderful benefits that allows me to stay at home with our children.
I live in a beautiful, comfortable home in a friendly neighborhood in a safe community.
My body is finally recovered from childbirth and feeling better and stronger everyday as I have gone back to the gym.
I have people in my life that I can count on or call on in a moments notice if I ever needed anything.
My children have many great role models in their life and people to teach them things that perhaps I cannot.
And I could go on and on.  Unfortunately more often than not I don't always focus all my energy on counting all the things that make me oh so lucky.  I need to get better at that.  Because when I write it all down it's so clear and evident that I have much to be grateful for.
Happy St. Paddys Day to you.  Hope you can find the things in your life that make you in your own unique way feel like one lucky little leprechaun. : )
My wee little leprechaun

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