Monday, March 26, 2012

One Month

Considering Jackson turned two months old yesterday, I better get caught up and post about his first month of life.  At one month my sweet little baby seemed much older than he was for a few reasons.  Since you were born, Jackson, you had a maturity about you looks wise.  Your daddy said you didn't look like an infant and many others said the same thing.  Your eyes were wide open from your first moments of life and you have always been very alert since then.  You also have been very strong since you were born  You were holding your head up all by yourself very quickly (unlike your big brother who was so floppy for the longest time).  You could even hold your head up on your tummy when you were maybe a week old.  You even flipped yourself over from your tummy to your back at about two weeks.  Your sleeping habits are that of a much older baby.  At least in my experience with your big brother.  You have been an amazing sleeper since day one.  And by one month you were sleeping at least five to six hour stretches at night.  Nursing has been going well with you and you drink from the bottle effortlessly.  You have a major spitting up problem however, which I will elaborate more on on your two month update.  You have the most wonderful demeanor about you, much like your big brother.  I still can't believe that I have been blessed with two mild mannered babies.  You only cry when you are hungry and when you're hungry you scream.  One loud scream after another until you get what you want: food.  Other than that you are a happy, content, quiet little baby.  You don't even seem to be bothered by the three-year-old in the house who is always getting in your face and smothering you with hugs and kisses (he loves you so much).  You were born with lots of hair and so far you've kept it all.  It sticks straight up in the air, especially when its freshly clean from a bath, and you look like a baby chick.  You loved baths since your first one and even took to showers well; water in your face and all.  Our nicknames we have for you so far include Jacky, Jacky Jack Jack, I call you Honey Bear sometimes, and brother calls you a cutie patootie.  You are such a joy Jackson.  I took these photos of you on your one month birthday.  At the time I told Ben it was your one month birthday and since then he's been saying that you are one, as in one year, which I've tried to correct him many times but to no avail.  It's hard for him to understand how anyone can be zero I guess!
He was done with the photo shoot by this time. 

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