Monday, March 5, 2012

Jackson's Baby Blessing

While I have so much updating that I need to do, I wanted to blog about this most special day while it is still fresh in my head.  This morning in front of many members of our family James gave Jackson a beautiful baby blessing.  He was perfectly quiet and still through the whole thing and I felt the spirit so strongly.  Then both James and myself bore our testimonies.  I spoke about how becoming a parent for the second time has reminded me just how scary it is being a parent.  How much as parents we worry for our children's safety, happiness, and well being-- seemingly constantly.  And that made me think about how Heavenly Father must feel about all of His children here on earth.  It made me want to commit to more thoroughly living my life in such a way to minimize His worry for me.  To give Him some peace knowing that I will make it back to Him again.  And I want to teach and raise my children in such a way that they don't cause Him too much worry.  And James spoke about how it dawned on him today that a small prayer he said while on his mission serving in an Ann Arbor married ward; surrounded by cute young families, asking for a cute family for himself one day- has indeed been answered.
Beautiful flowers from Nana Lin and Papa Mike. 
The dessert spread with photos taken by my friend, Wendy 
My beautiful niece, Ashlynn! 
Jackson and GG 
Bentley 2008 
Jackson in the same blessing outfit  
After Sacrament we headed to the house and enjoyed some wonderful time with both sides of the family.  Then we had some amazing families over from the ward.  They have all been so wonderful, supportive, and helpful since Jackson's birth that I wanted to have them over to enjoy this day with us and to thank them for all that they have done for our family.  It was such a beautiful day with sunny weather to match and Jackson was an amazing boy.  We love him so much and he has brought more peace and love into this house than I could have imagined.  There has been no added stress, just more peace, honestly.  He is a really good baby and he actually brings out the best in Ben, who absolutely adores his baby brother.  My heart could almost burst seeing them together and how much Ben loves him and constantly wants to be with him.

The Reilly Family 
The Flashberger Family 
The Greene Family 
Meeting Uncle Jay 

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