Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phone Pics

Now that I have a new nice camera (happy birthday to me!) I never load the pics from my phone anymore.  And even though the quality isn't always that great, these photos are gems.  They capture the little moments when either I don't have my camera with me or don't have time to grab it.  So here is some snippets of our life lately, as caught on my phone.
1) Bentley waking up his little brother at the beginning of another good day.
2) Jackson had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago.  After two days of holding him in my arms almost all night long, I read on a website the idea to have him sleep in his carseat (elevation helps with coughing).  So this was his little sick bed for two nights.
3) Ben and I were enjoying making graffiti on our big windows on the first day of Spring.
4) Jacky was just looking so cute in this hand-me-down onesie of Ben's that I had to snap a pic and text it to Daddy at work.
5) We met my parents at the Jungle on Friday.  Here the boys are riding on a snowmobile game.
6) Ben enjoyed a sports themed Kids Night Out at the club we belong to and mommy, daddy, and jacky enjoyed dinner and a movie.

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