Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Months

Jackson turned two months old last Sunday, 03/25.  I intentionally waited a week to post this because I wanted to make sure that something I was going to write (brag) about wasn't just a fluke.  So after one week straight of this occurrence, I think it's safe to say that my little baby is already sleeping through the night.  I mean the entire night.  We are talking ten to eleven hours of straight blissful sleep.  Last Saturday he went to bed around 8 pm and awoke the next day on his two month birthday at 6 am.  I was shocked of course and woke up well before then because a) my chest was killing me and b) to check on my baby.  I decided I wanted to let my body get used to this all nighter in case by some miracle it became a habit, and it appears it has.  I'm sure I'm jinxing myself now as I type.
Other wonderful things about Jackson at age two months- he began to smile.  And it's the cutest smile ever.  He is especially smiley when he first awakes.  And why wouldn't he be.  He sure gets enough sleep. : )  I love walking over to his crib and seeing that cute smile light up across his face when he sees me appear from no where over the side.  It also gets him smiling when I say in my highest, babiest of voices, "Hi my sweet baby.  Hi.  How are you?" etc. etc.
He is also still very strong.  I laid him on a towel yesterday in the bathroom on his back to fill up the tub with some water for him and his brother, and when I turned around his little bum was up in the air.  Already turning from his back to his tummy.  Just crazy.  Tummy time isn't his favorite thing in the world, but he can deal with it for a few minutes at a time.  He likes it more when I put him in front of the mirror.  He holds up his little head and stares at himself in the mirror.
From the beginning he has always been a good eater.  When I would pump him a bottle he was eating around four ounces right away.  The only problem was he was spitting up a lot.  So I thought I was over stuffing him.  So I lessened what I would feed him out of a bottle and would only nurse him on one side at a feeding, rather than on both like I was doing previously.  It helped with the spitting up a little but not drastically.  At his two month well check up I learned that this perhaps wasn't the best idea.  My baby dropped from the 40% in weight at his two week checkup to 10%.  The doctor didn't seem too concerned, she just told me to add one extra feeding during the day and go back to nursing on both sides.  Luckily she didn't say it was worth waking him up at night to feed him.  Phew!  So since then I have amped up his feedings so hopefully at his weight check appointment in two weeks the results will be good.  He is definitely my string bean- super long and skinny.  But that's how his daddy has always been and Bentley was always a little on the thin side as well.  So I'm sure it's just the Greene boy genes.  I wish I could get me some of those genes.
Overall he's still a super mellow baby and I can't believe how lucky I am with his sleeping schedule.  I definitely don't take it for granted.  I'm cherishing every moment with this little guy.  With Ben I was always waiting for the next thing, the next big milestone.  With Jackson I'm just soaking it all in and wishing that time would stand still.  Although I do find myself often daydreaming about what fun my boys are going to have together as Jacky grows.  Such good things to come.

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