Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Months

My baby turned three-months-old yesterday.  My brother in law, Jeff commented last night that he looks like a "real baby" now and not an infant.  And sadly it's true.  I just hate how fast time flies by with children.  Whereas the last three months of my pregnancy seemed to take FOREVER.  Some milestones were hit this month that I don't want to forget about.
Like I said on his two-month post, Jackson is still sleeping through the night, about eleven hours.  And then he usually just eats and goes right back to sleep for another couple hours.  Because of this he wants to eat all day long.  Which is a good thing because he needs to gain weight.  A few weeks ago he went in for another weight check and although he gained overall, he dropped in percentile again to the 6%.  But since then he has started to pack on some good weight and is starting to get just a little chubby.  I recently switched him to a sensitive formula for spitting up, but might try him next on soy like his big brother (I'm still nursing but need to supplement with formula), and I think it is helping.  Spitting up is still a problem so I might consider starting him on an acid reflux medication- his doctor thinks it's a good possibility that he has it.  And if he does I'm just so grateful that he has no accompanied discomfort along with it.  Because this child is the most well behaved, content, completely chill baby I have ever known.  And I'm not just biased.  Everyone comments.  I mean really, how did I get so lucky.  I'm sure sooner or later he will challenge me though; so don't be too jealous.
Jackson has been smiling for nearly a month now and began laughing out loud a few weeks ago.  Although he's only done it a few times for me.  He also discovered his voice.  Within the last week he realized it's power and has been chatting away ever since.  He is especially chatty when you respond to him and will carry on a full conversation.  And as the conversation progresses, he will get louder and louder.  Until soon it's like he is screaming at you.  So funny.  We began going to a new health club about five weeks ago and the girls in the nursery just love Jackson.  They comment every time I pick him up how good he is and they told me about how chatty and loud he has been with them too.  One girl even offered to babysit because she said she loves Jackson and Ben so much.  They are really sweet there and I feel so good leaving my children with them while I get my fitness on (I'm still a huge work in progress).

Jacky also discovered his hands.  He is using them more to grab at things, especially pulling things like blankets to his mouth to chew on.  If his paci is right near his face he has on a couple of occasions managed to put it back in his mouth.  He also likes to munch on his hands.  I assume he is going for the fingers, but just ends up with a mouth full of knuckles, which he happily gnaws on for few minutes.
He is getting stronger and stronger everyday.  He can easily roll from his tummy to his back and has even rolled over one time from back to tummy.  He can sit in the boppy chair although doesn't really prefer it for more than a few minutes.  Is a pro at tummy time though; can handle that for about five minutes at a time.  I no longer use my infant cocoon in the stroller and have him sit directly in the big boy seat.  He likes the view much better, plus everyone comments about how cute he is as we go rolling by, which is fun. : )
Overall just another amazing month.  I love this kid more than I can tell you.  I love his long skinny limbs, his giant hands and feet, his fluffy hair that sticks straight up no matter what, his loud babbles, the way he smiles huge at the sight of his big brother, and the way he curls his hands around my thumbs when I nurse him.  Love, love, love him!

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