Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Eve

We hosted a Christmas Eve brunch for my side of the family because we wouldn't be seeing my sister and her family on Christmas.  I made pancakes and sausage and everyone else brought stuff to contribute.  It was a yummy start to the day and a relaxing way to celebrate- no one was rushing off to any other event, which is usually the case for us.  We just bought for the kids this year besides a few homemade sentimental things for the grandparents.  The three of them took turns opening their presents, which of course Ben primarily opened up presents for all three of them.
I think that Ashlynn is pouting in the background because she had to wait her turn. : ) 
We then had a little downtime in between so Jackson got to nap and I got to shower; yeah didn't quite get that in before the brunch.  I was a little stressed out about how we were going to have time to make and decorate sugar cookies for Santa when Ben walked into my bathroom holding the tin of cookies from my grandma and said, "I've got a good idea.  We could just use these cookies for Santa!"  What a brilliant idea; gotta love that kid.  Although at eight o'clock that night he did pitch a small fit about wanting to make and decorate our own cookies.  But it passed quickly.  Phew.  He was pleased as punch to leave Santa a few of Nana's cookies, a bundlet from GG's Nothing Bundt Cakes, and a plate-full of carrots ("to be healthy").  Aside Santa's plate we left a small bowl with some reindeer food, which he made at preschool consisting of oats and glitter (it really confused him why reindeer's would want to eat glitter!) 
After a couple quiet hours at home we headed to meet up with the Greenes for dinner and temple lights.  This is a tradition that I love as it helps me to reflect on Christ and his birth right before the madness that can be Christmas day.  It was freezing but we all snuggled up tight for a few family pics, oohed and aahed at the lights and then headed home.
Matchy shirts- totally unplanned. 
No we are not all ghostly pale- it was the flash. 
Still trying to figure out which camera setting to use.  
Finally I got a good one of the newlyweds. 
  After getting the kids into bed I headed to CVS for a few last stocking stuffers, while James put together Ben's "batman" bike while watching A Christmas Story.  Then we all settled in for a long winter's nap!

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