Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hannah Hyder Gets Hitched

The gorgeous bride and bridesmaids. 
A few days before Christmas, on Thursday the 20th the kids, James, and I road-tripped it down to sunny Newport Beach for a wedding.  Our dear family friends, the Hyder's, of who's home we are currently living in while they are working abroad in Japan, youngest and only daughter, Hannah was married on the 21st.  The sealing took place at the LDS Newport Temple, and then we partied down aboard a beautiful yacht in Newport Harbor.  It was very warm out and the setting was gorgeous.  Ben was disappointed that the boat was moving so slow though.  Guess he thought it would be like a speed boat.
Can you spot Jackson?! 
BIL Jeff, SIL Amanda, and Amanda's boyfriend, Andrew. 
New SIL Kaitlin, BIL Jayson, and MIL Alisa. 
It was a day time cruise, which was over by five so we decided to just pack up and head home instead of stay another night.  The kids were good on the drive down but both of them only slept for a couple hours each and Jackson especially got really restless by the end.  We got on the road by six and both kids fell asleep within minutes.  They each woke up to eat some dinner but then fell back asleep and slept until we got home at 12:30.  It was a whirlwind of a trip but a fun little get away.  We were so glad that we could be there to celebrate with Hannah and the Hyder family.  Ben loved going to a hotel and both boys enjoyed the bath there (Jackson's first bath without his little safety chair- kinda a nightmare, he was trying to crawl all over the place).  We had a king bed so we let Ben just sleep with us instead of pulling out the sleeper sofa.  The hotel brought up Jackson a little crib that looked like a little hospital bed.  He wasn't much of a fan and woke up crying twice, so we all ended up in the bed together.  Love snuggling with my kiddos, but did not get a good night's sleep.  We were all glad to be back in our beds by the next night.

Love this little family of mine! 

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