Monday, January 7, 2013

Tahoe Trip

We had set plans to go to Tahoe for New Years for quite a while and Ben was so excited about it.  He'd comment when it was raining here, "good that means there is lots of snow in Tahoe."  He told me that "I was all set for Tahoe," after picking out my present with his Daddy, which he paid for with his own money (a pair of cute gloves).  And he was excited to get a lot of new snow gear for Christmas from us and from his GG.  And what a great trip we had.  We headed up on New Years Eve at around 10.  Best part.  We hit no traffic.  As soon as we got there I bundled the kids up in their snow clothes and we trekked out into the snow.  Of course like any smart parent I asked Ben if he needed to go potty before I got him in all his clothes.  He insisted he didn't have to.  Well guess what happened five minutes after we got outside.  Yes, of course he had to go!  Jackson enjoyed sitting in the snow, but of course couldn't interact much with it.  His hands were hidden somewhere beneath his over sized gloves. He did not like it anymore once some snow got onto his bare legs (his snow suit was a little too short for him so the booties didn't cover his feet).  That was his one and only time in the snow for the trip.  Ben however kept suiting up and venturing outside.  He was completely satisfied with the sorta sledding he did around the cabin, and didn't even complain that we didn't actually "go" sledding.  Next time.
Around 7 that night we drove the couple miles to North Star Resort to check out the New Years Eve festivities.  It was pretty freezing cold, but we were all pretty bundled.  I kept worrying about Jackson being cold, but he was probably the warmest of all of us.  There was a band playing, ice skating, and an announcement that fireworks would be at nine.  Score.  It was an amazing show.  Better than the fourth of July.  So fun to see the large evergreen trees and glistening white hills as the fireworks lit up the night sky.  
Mostly we just relaxed, played a few games, ate some yummy food, and hung out.  Cabin trips are the best kind of trips because you don't feel the need to really do anything.  Ben and I did attempt to go to the Tahoe Tessie Museum (tale of the cousin of the Loch Ness Monster or something).  After we parked and walked around for about five minutes around the location my iPhone said the museum should be at, we decided to go into a little shop to ask about it.  Turns out it was torn down some time ago.  SO we got Ben an awesome pair of bear mittens, which he rocked to his first day back to school today.  
Overall another great Tahoe trip.  It is so fun to have relatives with a beautiful cabin in Tahoe because I know that the memories will keep coming.  We hope to get up there once or twice before winter ends.  And soon my Ben will be hitting the slopes with his little cousin Dylan.  So fun.  
This gorgeous view never gets old. 

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