Friday, January 4, 2013

These Were a Few of My Favorite Things . . .

Before I get to the big days themselves, I just wanted to write about a few of my favorite things about our December.  While I had so many things on my iCal that we never ended up doing, I feel like we struck a good balance of doing festive things throughout the month, without over doing it.  Just a few of my favorite things were, besides late nights by our Christmas tree, included catching up with some great friends.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I was able to see both my old high school girlfriends and my old college roomie, Brook.  It was so great to see them all, and I REALLY hope that this year I will see them all again before next Christmas.  Fingers crossed.
I also enjoyed shopping.  I did it all fairly early and avoided most of the crowds.  I got to do some solo in the evenings, some with both boys in tote (Ben had to close his eyes at Old Navy a couple times while I shoved things into my bag), and some shopping was done with my best little shopping buddy, Jackson.  I kept things very simple for the kids this year and got them mainly things they needed (some snow stuff for our Tahoe trip, pjs, slippers, etc.), and tried to be very thoughtful with the rest.  I ordered Ben a custom made super hero cape with a big "B" in the back, made him a "super" brother photo book on Shutterfly, and got his some plastic drawers filled to the brim with crafting stuff.  Jackson got a couple small toys for fun, a 3 pack of his favorite snacks, and a special placemat with suction bowls for my table feeder.
 I also had a lot of fun with my gift giving this year for others.  I have the fun job of class rep for Ben's preschool this year, and part of that job is collecting money for and shopping for our great teachers for the holidays, their birthdays, and teacher appreciation week.  I ended up getting all three teachers an hour long massage, a box of sees chocolate, a $50 gift card to a great little restaurant here in town, and a candle from Bath & Body Works.  The day before the kids and I went and visited their GG (Grandma Greene) at her cake shop AKA Nothing Bundt Cakes for a bundtini tower.  Ben loved wrapping it up with GG for his teachers.  
Ben wanted to give just a few of his good friends/classmates a little something for Christmas.  So while we were at Bath & Body Works he got to pick out some holiday hand santa-tizers, packaged them up cute, and then hand delivered them to his friends.  Ben assigned the different sanitizers to each friend and when we delivered them he remembered just which one he wanted to give everyone.  

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