Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

My favorite part about Christmas, as far as decor, is the christmas tree.  I love to have it in the room where we spend the most time, and all month long I feel happy just to be laying near it.  And it has to be real.  At least for now.  Although this hasn't been hassle free for us.  Last year our 10 foot live tree fell over twice, once with all the ornaments on it.  And this year we had to hack away at the base of the tree for nearly an hour, only to discover it still didn't fit in the base.  So Ben and I went back to Home Depot for a new base.  At almost 10 pm.  Ben was in his jammies.  But I don't care.  I love the smell.  And I love going to pick one out as a family.
We went to good ol' Home Depot this year.  They are so nice.  Gave me two free wreaths.  Our tree was actually a surprise as we kept it all wrapped up for easy transport.  When we got it home and cut it open it was perfect.  And we went with a smaller one this year to ensure no falling down mishaps again.  
My biggest shock was that Jackson never bothered the tree.  He is super curious and gets into everything so this was a big worry of mine.  Ben had to drag him away from it about three times the first day and then he never went near it.  I was even able to wrap and leave presents out in my large baskets, which he didn't bother either.  Phew.  
Last year I established the gold and silver theme for the tree, and I love the look.  I decided though that in the future I'll need a smaller tree to set up somewhere else with all the sentimental and photo ornaments on it.  Throughout the month there have been many naps tree side, including Ben.  It's still up but I know it has to go next garbage day.  Bummer.  I'm going to miss that smell.  I think it grows even stronger as the tree dries out.  

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