Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Days 26 thru 30

Now that it's already December 2nd, seriously where did November go?  I need to finish off my days of gratitude I set out to do.  So here is the last of my list:
Day 26: I'm so grateful for good medical insurance.  James gets awesome benefits through work and it brings me such peace of mind knowing that our entire family has access to all that we need to maintain our health, including the long absent dental insurance.  {James and I didn't see the dentist for three years for lack of this- yikes!}  I know there is great debate in this country on exactly how to run the whole medical industry, but for me I am grateful to know I don't ever have to hesitate to take my children into the doctors for any reason.
Jacky at his ten month checkup last week. 
Day 27:  I'm grateful that even though I decided to temporarily put my gym membership on hold, all it takes to get a good workout in is a jogger stroller and a scenic walk.  Now if the dang weather would just cooperate I could do this more than once a week.
Day 28:  I'm grateful for the holidays and the way it brings people together.  It's sad how we sometimes let all year pass before reconnecting with friends and family over the holidays; but at least we do.  I'm excited to meet up with my best and oldest girlfriends in the next couple of weeks as we have our annual Christmas dinner together.  And with my wonderful college roomie, Brook, when she comes to CA to be with her parents for the holidays.  I just love those friends that make you feel like it hasn't been more than a day since you saw them last.  Can't wait. 
Brook and I circa 2006
Preschool-Highschool with these girls - April 2011
Day 29:  I'm grateful that I have an easy to feed husband.  Simple food is what he likes, and that's what he gets.  While I'm slowly learning a few tricks of the trade here and there, meal planning is not my forte.  I really don't dislike cooking, it's the grocery shopping and planning that get to me every week.  I love a man that is perfectly okay with mac and cheese and mickey mouse chicken nuggets every now and again.  I promise this is an occasional dinner.  I am capable of finer culinary delights such as the fancier version of aforementioned meal- grilled chicken breasts and Pasta Roni Shells & White Chedder. : ) 
Day 30:  And today I am especially grateful to NOT have a headache right now.  I have a major migraine problem, which I have gotten pretty well under control thanks to some good ol' modern medicine.  But this weekend I had a headache that wouldn't quit.  Plaguing me from Friday morning till about 4 o'clock this afternoon.  Ugh.  I'm just glad I was able to actually be a mom this evening and have a little fun with my boys making some homemade ornaments.  

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  1. jules you are too sweet!!! i can't wait to see you either!!