Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cindy Lou Who First Birthday

I have so much journaling to catch up on what with Christmas and all, so I better just start from the beginning.  On Saturday, December 15th I helped my sister throw a Cindy Lou Who themed birthday party for my niece, Ashlynn's first birthday.  It was so fun to put together a girly party.  And to shop for her.  If I never have my own, at least I have a niece. : )  It was such a fun day and celebration of this sweet little girl.  Here are some pics of all the party details, some guests, and of course the cute birthday girl.
 Welcome to Whoville!
Pictures of the birthday girl and "grinchy" trees served as decorations. 
More party details. 
 Grinch inspired food.  I tried to be clever, but may have just been cheesy.
The dessert spread. 
The littliest of party guests enjoyed playing in the birthday girl's very cute bedroom.  
The presents were all pink.  Her big cousins Matty and Ben did all the unwrapping for her, while she perched a top of one of her gifts. 
Ashlynn dug right into her cake and seemed to enjoy it very much.  Luckily this time non of it came back up (we had a mishap the week before while taking birthday pictures, which involved a lot of frosting and then that frosting making a reappearance in her bath- which is why the Grinch actually did her a favor by stealing her frosting).   
I cannot believe my niece is already one and that my Jackson will be one in just 26 days.  This year flew by way too fast.  Ashlynn is such a cute and smart little girl.  She is a little dramatic and can make you melt with her sad little cry and big blue eyes.  She speaks so well already and walks around like a tiny little person.  Love you Ashlynn Christine (and yes we have the same middle name!) 

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