Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ginger House Making

Ben refers to Gingerbread men as Gingers, and when he saw the gingerbread kit I purchased, he called it a a ginger house.
I stumbled upon the greatest thing to happen to gingerbread houses since they started selling everything you needed in a kit.  A preassembled house kit.  Yes, the house was already all glued together with frosting, and was oh so sturdy.  That is the absolute worst part about making gingerbread houses, and kids can't do it themselves anyway, so genius to have it already done for you so you can get straight to the fun part.  The decorating.
Ben and I worked as a team.  I frosted, while he plastered the house with candy.  Jacky just sat in his high chair snacking, and desperately trying to reach for the little candy house to get a bite (he had a couple bites of his first cookie today.  It was funny seeing his face light up and then his hand very eagerly reach out for another taste).
Each year we get just a little bit better.  I was even able to pull off the whole melting ice from the roof look that was on the box that Ben insisted I copy.  Well, sorta.

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