Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I really do love Instagram.  Its funny how the filters and square size make your photos so special.  I really don't like Facebook very much because I don't really care about everyone's status update.  I do like to follow some good blogs, but don't always get a chance everyday to sit down and read through them.  So I like Instagram because it's a cute pic and a short and sweet comment about it.  Done.  Easy. I usually post daily, so this is just a little glimpse at our life lately according to Instagram.
Ben & his classmate & friend Rose walking to school on a particularly beautiful, rainy morning.
 Love checking on my babies before I go to bed each night.  Nice bedhead Ben.
 Making a bear for Project Nighty Night.  I wasn't sure how much he understood about what he was doing until I overheard him telling his GG (Grandma Greene) one night how he made a bear to be donated to a little boy or girl who doesn't get a lot of presents for Christmas.  I guess he does listen, sometimes.
 Happy face pancakes at IHOP.  For dinner.  The best.
 My happy Jacky on a morning walk, repping his daddy's alma mater.
 After school on Friday I surprised Ben with a trip to the Oakland Zoo.  I had such a great time with my boys and Ben was super well behaved.  Which is saying a lot for lately.  There was a train ride around the park, which actually went a little on the fast side and Jackson sat way up on my knees, holding onto the back of the seat in front of us, smiling the whole ride.
 I ran to get decent to pick up Ben from school and left Jackson asleep on the couch.  I hurried back over to find him completely awake, yet safely lying still.  Miracle I tell you for this kid.
 Jackson is starting to eat a lot of toddler snacks and even table feds from our adult dinners.  I introduced him to the always yummy, always classic, the one and only Cheerios this week.
 James has been waiting a long time for someone to tag him out of the wrestling ring and take on crazy Ben.  Looks like he's been tagged.  And this little guy can take a lot in the ring let me tell you.  Tough.
Today, yes 12/12/12- only rolls around once in every one-hundred years- is my niece, Ashlynn's first birthday.  I can't wait to help my sister throw her a Cindy Lou Who birthday party this Saturday.  Pics to come for sure.
And that's a little glimpse into our life lately.

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