Monday, November 26, 2012


We split up our Thanksgiving as always with our two families.  James left bright and early to go to the annual Turkey Bowl in Brentwood, while the boys and I enjoyed a leisurely morning finishing up our Thanksgiving cards and unfortunately a quick grocery store trip (not as bad as I was expecting).  We got to my sister's house by noon and helped her prep a little bit and play with the kids a lot.  Jackson and Ash were so funny crawling around after each other.  Jacky even attempted to push her on her little bike.  Around three we headed to Sausalito to join up with the Greene and Reilly clans.  Where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, Dylan & Ben ran around the house like mad men, and the boys watched football.  Behold Thanksgiving 2012:
Thanksgiving Part 1 at my sister's house: 

This was the best we could get of our little pilgrim and indian.  

And the winner for favorite picture of the day . . .

Thanksgiving part 2 at the Reilly's:

As aways, the view was amazing. 
Jackson's thanksgiving feast. 
Love my little family.
Doesn't this look familiar? 
Another great Thanksgiving.  And now I'm so looking forward to Christmas.  Especially Jackson's very first one!  Ben keeps saying, more like singing, "It's Jackson's first Christmas!"  I'm just grateful to not be hugely pregnant and tired this year!

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