Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just call us Greene-day!

It was James' idea to go as rockstars this year for Halloween.  Since we always have multiple events to go to, for the last two years I've made/ put together two Halloween costumes for Ben.  One for him to wear solo, and another to go with our group costumes.  This year I did the same for Jackson.  James revealed his look to us right before heading out to Trunk-Or-Treat on Saturday before Halloween, and I revealed mine and the boys.  I love how we all pulled together and couldn't keep from laughing when I looked at my baby Jacky all punked out.
James and Ben were our guitarists.
Jackson was a natural choice for drummer as his little arms are always flailing around.
 These three really are rockstars in my eyes.
James cracks me up.  He claims he only does this kind of stuff for me.  But does this look like a man who was forced into this.  First of all, it was his idea.  Secondly, look how into it he got.  Yes that's eye liner.  And this pose just kills me.  : )  
 Me and my main man.
I'm just glad we got all of these pics on Saturday because we didn't go quite as all out on Halloween, and the only pics I got were of the kiddos and Ben trick or treating.  

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